Pittsburgh is a special place where neighbors take care of each other. Perhaps we thought our love for each other and our city might spare us from the evil of hate and violence that is growing in our country. Unfortunately, that evil visited us this past Saturday morning. Eleven of our friends and neighbors were lost, four were seriously injured, our courageous first responders were forced into harm’s way, and our beloved community was changed forever.
Although we are heartbroken, Pittsburgh will emerge from this horrific time more united and stronger than ever. This community is ready to lead the charge to turn the tide against the bigotry, hatred, violence, division, and fear that threatens our democracy.

“I’d like to leave with one last thought
Be gentle, friends, and kind
Respect each other’s differences
Leave bigotry behind!

The only thing that we each have
Are the gifts that God has shared
He did not pick and choose, you know
Our worth was not compared.”

-Elsie Hilliard Hillman