Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19:

1. Is the Foundation providing emergency grant funding to organizations impacted by COVID-19?
We are doing our best to work with the community to respond to needs. Right now, population health is our top priority. We are not in the position to provide emergency operating grants to organizations not providing frontline support. Please see our most up to date statement on our specific emergency priorities below. 

2. What is the Foundation doing to help current grantees impacted by COVID-19?
Our program officers have been in contact with as many of our current grantees as possible to release restrictions, repurpose grant funds, extend timelines if requested, and advance payment schedules forward. Please contact your program officer if you would like to explore any of these options if we have not already been in contact with you.

3. If I have a request pending or if I am in conversation with the Foundation about submitting a request, will the COVID-19 crisis impact projects being considered for a future board meeting?
Our main focus for the immediate time being will be on responding to emergency conditions that threaten health and safety and the economic impact on the most vulnerable in the communities we serve. We are continuously evaluating our grantmaking priorities and know that they will evolve in response to changing needs as we look to the months ahead. Please contact your program officer to discuss the timeframe and our current ability to advance your project.

4. What is the status of the Foundation’s strategic planning process?
We will continue to move forward with our new strategic framework. While the recommendations in this new strategic direction were entirely informed by community and expert input, we anticipate that it will require some adjustments to meet new demands created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will provide an update on our strategic plan later in 2020.

5. If I have a question that is not answered here, what should I do?
Please contact your program officer with any questions. The foundation staff is working remotely, however, we are fully operational. If you don’t have a direct email or phone number for a staff member, you can reach us at or 412.338.3466.

COVID-19 Response Grants Approved to Date:

Public health and human services systems immediate response priorities ($1,350,000)

    1. $1,000,000 to support The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Emergency Action Fund
    2. $350,000 to Allegheny County for immediate needs

Emergency basic needs support, focused on vulnerable neighborhoods and populations ($1,650,000)

    1. $350,000 to United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania to bolster 2-1-1 and the Emergency Basic Needs Fund
    2. $350,000 to 412 Food Rescue for equipment and technology to expand home delivery and other types of needed food transport
    3. $250,000 to Community Human Services to expand basic needs and housing support and assistance for low-income, seniors, children, and other vulnerable individuals
    4. $350,000 to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank toward emergency food purchases to meet rising demand
    5. $250,000 to Trying Together to provide emergency support for childcare organizations to assist front line responders and other essential workers
    6. $50,000 to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh to expand basic needs support
    7. $50,000 to JFCS Pittsburgh to expand basic needs support

 Vaccine development ($115,000)

    1. $115,000 to the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research

Critical Medical Supplies ($250,000)

    1. $250,000 to Global Links to coordinate personal protective equipment (PPE) supply/distribution and other equipment needs for frontline nonprofit responders

Gap funding support for minority- and women-led and other vulnerable businesses and nonprofits ($700,000)

    1. $100,000 to New Sun Rising for its Rapid Response Fund
    2. $100,000 to Hebrew Free Loan for its emergency small loan fund
    3. $250,000 to Bridgeway Capital for its emergency fund to provide gap credit to small businesses and nonprofit organizations
    4. $250,000 to the City of Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority for loans and other support to small businesses and nonprofits